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Brand Assets

Welcome to the official FlyingPress brand assets page. Here you’ll find our logos, color palette, and guidelines to help you accurately represent FlyingPress. Whether you’re a affiliate, customer, or media professional, please follow these guidelines to ensure our brand is presented consistently and effectively.
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Ensure consistency in how our brand is spelled across all materials. Use 'FlyingPress' as a single word with 'F' and 'P' capitalized.
FlyingPressFlyingpressFlying PressFlying-Press


Our logo is the cornerstone of our brand identity. It should be used in its original form without alterations. Please use the provided high-resolution files for digital and print media.
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The FlyingPress icon represents our brand in a simplified, recognizable form. Use it for smaller spaces or where the full logo isn't practical.
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High-quality screenshots are essential for showcasing our product in action. Use these images to provide a clear and accurate representation of FlyingPress.