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New: Bloat Remover in v4.3

Bloat Remover

We’re excited to announce a new feature in FlyingPress – the “Bloat remover”.

This powerful feature offers a range of options that allow you to remove unnecessary elements from your website, improving its performance and speed.

Here is the full list of optimizations available in Bloat Remover:

  • Remove Google Fonts (and use system fonts)
  • Disable WooCommerce cart fragments
  • Disable WooCommerce assets
  • Disable XML-RPC
  • Disable RSS feed
  • Disable Block editor CSS
  • Disable oEmbeds
  • Disable Emojis
  • Disable WP Cron
  • Disable jQuery Migrate
  • Disable Dashicons
  • Control Post Revisions
  • Control Heartbeat

FlyingPress v4.3 also comes with many other improvements and bug fixes. You can read the full changelog here:

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