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New FlyingCDN – Powered by Cloudflare Enterprise

New Flyingcdn

We’re upgrading! FlyingCDN is now powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, bringing superior performance and security.

Unveiling the New FlyingCDN: A Symphony of Speed and Security

FlyingCDN has always been known for its great performance and dependability. By teaming up with Cloudflare Enterprise, it’s stepping up its game to a level where fast loading times and top-notch security go hand in hand.

How to setup FlyingCDN in FlyingPress

Here’s what the new FlyingCDN brings to the table:

Edge Page Caching

Gone are the days of latency and slow page load times. The new FlyingCDN utilizes edge page caching, ensuring that your website’s HTML pages are stored closer to your users. This drastically reduces load times and enhances the overall user experience.

Handling Traffic Spikes with Ease

High-traffic events no longer pose a threat. The robust infrastructure of FlyingCDN, powered by Cloudflare Enterprise, is designed to handle sudden surges in website traffic, ensuring stability and uninterrupted service.

Advanced Image Optimization

With the new FlyingCDN, images are automatically compressed and served in WebP format when possible, significantly reducing file sizes without compromising quality. This means faster page loads and a smoother experience for your users.

Global Reach with Local Speed

Boasting over 310 edge locations worldwide, the new FlyingCDN promises a latency of less than 50ms globally. This extensive network ensures that your content is delivered swiftly, no matter where your audience is.

Unmatched DDoS Protection & Firewall

Security is at the forefront of the new FlyingCDN. Cloudflare’s enterprise-grade DDoS protection and firewall fortify your website against the most sophisticated attacks, ensuring peace of mind and continuous availability.

Cloudflare Proxy Support

We support the activation of your Cloudflare proxy settings, enabling you to use your existing page rules and firewall configurations with FlyingCDN, maintaining performance integrity.

WooCommerce and Logged-in User Caching

With FlyingPress’s intelligence, FlyingCDN can serve cached pages from the edge servers, even if there are items in the cart and users are logged in. Lightning-fast shopping!

Wildcard Subdomain Support

Managing multiple sites under subdomains or subfolders is no issue; you can create them as a single site in FlyingCDN.

Migrating to the New FlyingCDN

If you’re currently using FlyingCDN, you should transition to the upgraded platform to leverage these advanced features. Please read the migration guide.

Please note the old CDNs will be deleted by May 30, 2024. Hence, it is crucial to migrate your sites to the new FlyingCDN before this deadline to continue enjoying uninterrupted service.

Tailored for FlyingPress: A Perfect Pair

For optimal performance, the new FlyingCDN is engineered to work only with FlyingPress. FlyingCDN leverages your existing FlyingPress settings to intelligently decide whether to cache a page. This synergy unlocks the full potential of your WordPress websites, ensuring blazing-fast speeds and robust security.

Unlock unparalleled speed for your WordPress. Make the switch to FlyingCDN today.

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